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HOW TO USE Sulfacetamide sodium?

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  Sulfacetamide sodium is for use on the derma only.Shake the alembic able-bodied afore anniversary use. With apple-pie hands, administer a attenuate blur of the balm to the areas of derma with acne, usually alert circadian or as directed by your doctor. Wash your easily with soap and baptize afterwards anniversary use.

  Avoid accepting this medication in the eyes, nose, or mouth. If you do get medication into these areas, bathe with affluence of water.Use this medication consistently to get the a lot of account from it. Do not use ample amounts of this medication, use it added often, or use it for a best time than prescribed. Your action will not advance any faster, and your accident of ancillary furnishings may be increased.

  Tell your doctor if your abscess does not advance afterwards a few weeks. Stop application Sulfacetamide sodium and acquaint your doctor anon if your abscess worsens, or if you advance a adventurous or added austere ancillary effects. See Ancillary Furnishings section.

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