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11β-Prostaglandin F2α EIA Kit

Synonyms : 11β-PGF2α ELISA Kit
Stability : 1 year
Description :
11β-PGF2α is the primary plasma metabolite of PGD2 in vivo, the levels of which can increase from 6 pg/ml in a normal healthy volunteer to 490 ng/ml in patients with systemic mastocytosis. The normal human urinary excretion of 11β-PGF2α is about 11 ng/mmol creatinine (~400 ng/24 hr), which is increased nearly 3-fold upon allergen-induced bronchoconstriction in asthmatics. Unlike most prostaglandin metabolites, 11β-PGF2α retains potent biological activity. 11-β-PGF2α is equipotent to PGF2α in inducing human bronchial smooth muscle contractions and inhibition of adipose differentiation. 11β-PGF2α was also shown to inhibit ADP or thrombin-induced human platelet aggregation at concentrations of 0.14 to 2.8 µM.
Specificity :
11β-Prostaglandin F2α 100% 
2,3-dinor-11β-Prostaglandin F2α 10% 
11β-13,14-dihydro-15-keto Prostaglandin F2α 0.5%
Storage : -20°C

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