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Broccoli---Anti-cancer "expert" get an new Identity

Broccoli (Broccoliellaracea var. italica Plenck) is a cruciferous plant. It is a popular vegetable with a delicious taste and rich nutrients, including protein, carbohydrates, fats, and minerals. Broccoli seeds are rich in glucosinolates, which has 20-50mg/g, 60-70 times that of mature plants, and are high-quality raw materials for extracting glucosinolates(Glucoraphanin, which provides raphanin, sulforaphane and DIM).


To get sulforaphane from glucosinolate, you only need to chew!

The glucosinolate, whose degradation product is isothiocyanate which is mainly Sulfouraphane (SFN). SFN, also known as "Laisulfurane", exists not only in broccoli but also in kale, northern round carrots, etc. It is an antioxidant and is the best active substance with anti-cancer effect found in vegetables so far. When you eat these vegetables, glucosinolates are converted into the active substance---sulforaphane when you chew.

Studies have shown that sulforaphane can improve the human body's ability of detoxification, anti-oxidant and anti-cancer, and also protect the skin from UV damage. Given such special ingredients, broccoli is the leader of green vegetables, so scientists have never reduced their interest in it.

Inhibition of obesity was Confirmed

A joint research group consisting of Associate Professor Oda Taeto in the field of medical and health research in Kanazawa University in Japan conducted a mouse experiment and found that the sulforaphane rich in broccoli sprouts has the effect of inhibiting obesity.

A mouse experiment

The team divided the mice into two groups, each of which was given a high-fat diet containing sulforaphane and a high-fat diet containing no sulforaphane. The body weight of each mouse was then measured and compared. The results turned out to show that the weight gain of the sulforaphane-eating group was inhibited by about 15% compared with the mice without the sulforaphane-uptake group. In addition, the amount of visceral fat is reduced by approximately 20%. In further research, the two functions of sulforaphane were newly discovered. First, sulforaphane can increase the molecular "uncoupling protein 1 (UCP-1)" presenting in fat cells, which promotes the "fat cell browning" phenomenon that can increase energy consumption and fat burning. Second, sulforaphane can improve the imbalance of intestinal flora caused by high-fat diet, which might reduce the concentration of "endotoxin" in the blood that causes inflammation, and prevent diabetes by inhibiting chronic inflammation in fat tissue and liver. 

Regarding the two clear effects this time, the research team believes that sulforaphane contained in broccoli sprouts can inhibit insulin resistance caused by elevated blood sugar levels by inhibiting inflammation of adipose tissue and liver, and is expected to play a role in lifestyle-related diseases. In addition, in order to verify the effectiveness and safety of this ingredient in humans, we will conduct further research in the future, and plan to use sulforaphane in the future to develop functional foods that can increase energy consumption and improve the intestinal environment. 

New identity - "new food ingredients" broccoli seed water extract

In March 2015, China accepted the “broccoli seed extract” from Brassica Company of the United States as a new food ingredient, and officially announced the news on June 8, 2017. According to some media, the American Brassica Company was established in 1997. In 1998, it obtained the independent management right of glucosinolate in broccoli. In June 2017, its new food ingredients were approved in China.

Broccoli seed water extract

Small "expert" with various applications

1. Super Sprouts
Broccoli has traditionally been regarded as a food for beauty and weight loss and is popular in Japan. Japanese studies have found that there are not many SFNs in broccoli. The vegetables named broccoli sprouts was obtained by germination for three days of broccoli are 7-20 times of SFN higher than normal broccoli according to different varieties. Broccoli sprouts, in which the SFN content is high, are sold as super sprouts by the merchant. This super sprout is often seen in supermarkets in Japan.

2. Tea Bag & Coffee & Powder & Solid Beverage
The glucosinolate was certified by GRAS in the United States. Tea beverages and coffee containing this raw material are sold in the United States, Canada, Southeast Asia, and other countries. Health magazines claim that these drinks can improve human immunity and support overall health.

3. chewable tablets & compressed candy

4. capsules
In addition, sulforaphane is also part of cosmetics. As an antioxidant, the key component of UV resistance is used in various creams and lotions to exert a good skin care effect.

With the adoption of glucosinolate as a new food ingredient regulation, it is believed that glucosinolates will not be limited to the beauty and health care products market, and will be of great success in the future food field.

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