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Carnitine May Help Male Infertility & Sexual Function

The number of carnitine in semen is directly related to sperm count and mobility. Therefore, an intake of carnitine can help treat male infecundity. Carnitine can provide more energy for sperm cells and can reduce cell loss of life in the testes. A study of 100 barren, sterile men revealed that a consumption of carnitine supplements increased motility in the semen cells.

In a six-month-long study, married but barren, sterile men received a mouth dose of 250 magnesium carnitine four times a day. Results showed increased sperm count, mobility, and concentration with an performance level similar to that of varicocelectomy surgery (A Varicocele is a network of tangled blood vessels (varicose veins in the scrotum).

A build-up of free radicals can be caused by infection, long sexual abstinence, harmful ecological factors, and varicocele. These free radicals damage cellular structure and genetic substance, and accelerates cell death.

Since carnitine can be considered an antioxidant and has a neutralizing effect on free radicals, it seems sensible that carnitine would enhance the viability of sperm cells. This was confirmed both in cells and in organisms.

A study of dialysis patients found that testosterone levels were directly correlated with carnitine levels in the blood, recommending that supplemental carnitine may increase testosterone levels and sexual function.

However, a study on rats demonstrated that inhibiting manufacturing carnitine (and consequently lowering the overall level of carnitine) would not decrease the sexual activity or sperm quality of male rats.

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