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Dihydromyricetin, the "soft gold" in flavonoids

The magical effect of rattan tea was interpreted in Western Medicine:
Dihydromyricetin, a special flavonoid extracted from vine tea, is called "soft gold in flavonoids".


This kind of substance have various peculiar effects such as scavenging free radicals, anti-oxidation, anti-thrombosis, anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory, etc.. As a special flavonoid compound, in addition to the general characteristics of flavonoids, dihydromyricetin has the following characteristics:

  1. The general flavonoids are nearly insoluble in water, soluble in ethanol (alcohol), while dihydromyricetin is easily soluble in hot water, which means that dihydromyricetin in vine tea can be soaked out with boiling water with better benefits;
  2. In addition to the role of general flavonoids, dihydromyricetin also has the effects of relieving alcoholism, preventing alcoholic liver and fatty liver, inhibiting liver cell deterioration, and reducing the incidence of liver cancer;
  3. Dihydromyricetin has a small molecular weight (320), which makes it easier to pass through the blood-brain barrier and quicker to take effect.

Rattan tea is called the "king of flavonoids"

Rattan tea

The statistics of The research progress of rattan Tea from the Institute of Biological Science and Technology in Hubei University for Nationalities show that the total flavonoids (mainly dihydromyricetin) accounts for 36%-45.1% of the rattan tea. Rattan tea extract pharmacological efficac. According to the Chinese Pharmacopoeia, the total flavonoid content of these substances' comparison with rattan tea are as follows:
                    Flavonoid Content            Multiples
Rattan tea            36%—45.1%                    /
Ginkgo biloba         0.40%                        110
Propolis              1.0%                         45
Eucommia            0.1%                         450
Eucommia            5.0%                          9

The effects of dihydromyricetin

Dihydromyricetin(Generally called Ampelopsin or DIM),  It is a flavanonol with antioxidant and anti-cancer activity, a type of flavonoid. found to have anti-alcohol intoxication effects. It is found in the Ampelopsis species japonica, megalophylla, and Grossedentata; Cercidiphyllum japonicum; Hovenia Dulcis; Rhododendron Cinnabarinum; some Pinus species; and some Cedrus species, as well as in Salix sachalinensis. If you want to buy or know more about this ingredient, please go here. Buy bulk powder


Name Dihydromyricetin
Alias Ampelopsin; 27200-12-0; Ampeloptin; (+)-Dihydromyricetin; (+)-Ampelopsin
CAS  No. 27200-12-0
Formula C15H12O8
Weight 320.253 g/mol
Usage Pharmaceuticals/Intermediates
Appearance White powder

Dihydromyricetin has significant effects in cleansing blood, reducing blood viscosity, anti-thrombosis, and clearing blood poison. According to The research progress of the pharmacological action of Dihydromyricetin, dihydromyricetin has the following effects:

  1. Dihydromyricetin is a strong antioxidant that can effectively eliminate oxygen free radicals in the body. Its antioxidation can prevent cell degradation and aging, and can also prevent cancer.
  2. Dihydromyricetin can improve blood circulation, lower cholesterol to greatly reduce the incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. It can also improve cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.
  3. Dihydromyricetin has been proved to reduce blood glucose by 26% and glyceryl triglyceride by 39% in animal experiments. It has a good effect on retinopathy and capillary embrittlement caused by diabetes.
  4. Dihydromyricetin can inhibit the exudation of inflammatory biological enzymes, and improve wound healing and pain relief. It has strong anti-histamine property, which can be used for all kinds of allergies.
  5. Dihydromyricetin has anti-tumor and anti-cancer effects. It has dual functions of prevention and treatment, not only for the tumor but for 14 kinds of cancers such as liver cancer, lung cancer, and stomach cancer.

Tea is precious due to its rare "selenium", Rattan tea with selenium is healthier 

Rattan tea is rich in selenium, which is more beneficial.


Whether vine tea contains selenium determines the efficacy and quality of vine tea. Enshi is known as the “Selenium of the World”. Its soil and water is rich in selenium so 70% of China's selenium comes from there. The vine tea produced in Laifeng has plentiful selenium, which can meet the selenium intake requirement (50-200ug recommended per person per day).
The research data of the Institute of Biological Science and Technology of Hubei University for Nationalities show that the selenium content of the vine tea produced in Laifeng has 50-100 ug selenium per 100 g of it, which is a unique characteristic of vine tea in Laifeng.

The role of selenium

According to Medical Health, selenium has the following effects:

  1. Enhance immunity. Organic selenium can eliminate free radicals in the body, remove internal toxins, resist oxidation, clear cholesterol, and enhance immune function.
  2. Prevent diabetes. Improve the symptoms of diabetic patients.
  3. Prevent cataracts. Selenium is capable of protecting the retina, enhancing the smoothness of the vitreous, improving vision, and preventing cataracts.
  4. Prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Selenium is a vital element maintaining the normal function of the heart, and it has a protective and repairing effect on the heart.
  5. Protect the liver. Selenium supplementation can reduce the incidence of liver cancer by 35%, and the incidence of patients who have a history of liver cancer in families is reduced by 50%.

Comprehensive nutrition, recovery without recurrence
Due to the specific climate and natural conditions in the Enshilaifeng area, the vine tea produced it is extremely rich in nutrition:
Firstly, it is rich in a variety of trace elements, iron, copper, zinc, calcium, magnesium, manganese, selenium, sodium, fluorine, iodine, potassium and so on.
Secondly, it is rich in 17 kinds of amino acids.

Rich nutrients help to strengthen the body's resistance and restore health without recurrence.

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