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Effects of nonoxinol on the ability to obtain DNA profiles from postcoital vaginal swabs

Nonoxinol, the alive additive of abounding spermicide foams and creams, has been apparent to inactivate finer top titres of HIV in vitro. Therefore the aboriginal administering of nonoxinol, conceivably by a abduction victim herself, has been appropriate as a abeyant antibacterial assay for blockage of a accessible HIV infection. For argumentative DNA character testing, it becomes pertinent to actuate whether nonoxinol could accept an adverse aftereffect on the accretion of top atomic weight DNA from postcoital vaginal swabs and thereby accept an appulse on brake fragment breadth polymorphism (RFLP) analysis.
If top atomic weight DNA can not be recovered, it may still be accessible to advance with analyses application PCR-based tests. In adjustment to investigate the abeyant furnishings of nonoxinol, inserts, gels, or sponges absolute nonoxinol were activated either 15 min pre- or 15 to 60 min column coitus. Postcoital vaginal swabs were taken one and six h afterwards animal intercourse, the DNA was abandoned and DNA character accounting was performed.
The after-effects authenticate that nonoxinol has no abrogating aftereffect on the adeptness to access DNA profiles, either RFLP or PCR-based, from postcoital vaginal swabs. The abundance of extractable top atomic weight DNA acquired (as bent by slot-blot analysis) was commensurable with that from austere postcoital vaginal swabs. RFLP patterns and PCR-based accounting after-effects at the HLA-DQ alpha and D1S80 loci from the nonoxinol advised swabs were constant with the austere ascendancy swabs and the agnate accomplished claret samples of the donors. Therefore an aboriginal antibacterial administering of the contemporary anti-HIV abettor nonoxinol is not an impedient for accepting DNA profiles from evidentiary material.

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