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Prospects and prospects of chrysin

Studies have shown that the compound with the highest antitumor activity in natural flavonoids is 5,7-dihydroxyflavone, or chrysin.

Since the 1980s, people have begun to study the structural modification of chrysin and the chemical synthesis of derivatives.

In recent years, research reports on chrysin and its derivatives have been increasing at home and abroad, and some compounds with good activity have been obtained, and their clinical application prospects have gradually emerged. However, there has not been any research and development of such drugs.

Although chrysin has anti-oxidation, anti-viral, anti-hypertensive, anti-tumor, anti-allergic effects, it is affected by the low intestinal absorption and the rapid carbonylation of the 5th and 7th hydroxyl groups, resulting in a decrease in activity. Clinical application of chrysin. It is believed that with the further study of chrysin and its derivatives, it is sure to find a more active, more specific and bioavailable chrysin derivative.

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