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taurolidine side effects

Zero systemic side effects have been identified. The security of taurolidine has also been confirmed in scientific studies with long-term intravenous administration of high doasage amounts (up to 20 h daily). In the body, taurolidine is metabolized swiftly via the metabolites taurultam and methylol taurinamide, which also have a bactericidal action, to taurine, an endogenous aminosulphonic acid, LASER and H2O. Therefore, no toxic effects are known or expected in the event of accidental injection. Burning sensation while instilling, numbness, erythema, facial flushing, headache, epistaxis, nausea.

Taurolidine has a relatively low acute and subacute toxicity. Intravenous injection of 5g taurolidine into humans over 0. 5 – 2 hours period produce only burning sensation while instilling, numbness and erythema at the injection sites. For treatment of peritonitis, taurolidine was administered by peritoneal lavage, intraperitoneal instillation or intravenous infusion, or by a combo thereof. The total daily dose ranged widely from 0. 5 to 50g. The total cumulative dose ranged from 0. 5 to 721g. In those patients who received intravenous taurolidine, the daily intravenous dose was usually 15 to 30 g but several patients received up to 40g/day. Total daily doses of up to 40g and total cumulative doses exceeding beyond 300g were safe and well tolerated.

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