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Use of Calcarea Carbonica, Calcium Carbonate

Use of Calcarea Carbonica, Calcium Carbonate: In a case taken as a single remedy, one of the most helpful is usually to responsible, steady individuals who become fatigued and overwhelmed. They may develop anxiety, sometimes with fear of heights or claustrophobia. Anyone usually feels chilly, along with clammy hands and foot, and has low strength. Digestive troubles with fuel and heartburn are typical, especially after you eat wheat or even dairy products. Swollen lymph nodes and tonsils, head sweats during sleep, a suffocating feeling from exertion, back soreness, dizziness, nightmares, and sturdy cravings for sweets are often seen. Individuals who else need this solution usually are sometimes oversensitive to acetylsalicylsäure. Children who need Calcarea Carobonica are slow to teethe also to walk, nevertheless they are also likely to become stubborn and strong-willed. Psychologically, Calcarea carbonica patients are likely to be afraid regarding the dark, of solitude, of getting sick, in addition to of going insane. Whenever Calcarea Carbonica is necessary being a single remedy, individual usually suffers from actual physical and mental slowness.

Numerous usage of Cacarea Carbonica, being a single cure (or inside combinations):


If a new person with frequent zits and skin eruptions is chilly with clammy palms and feet, easily exhausted by exertion, and flabby or overweight, this cure may help enhance the skin’s resistance to infection. People who else need this solution are often very anxious when overworked, and have desires for sweets and ova.

Allergies and sensitivities



This remedy is usually indicated for dependable, solid men and women who become overwhelmed from physical illness or perhaps too much work and start to fear a breakdown. Their particular thoughts can be muddled in addition to confused when tired, which often adds to the panic. Worry and bad reports may agitate them, in addition to a nagging dread regarding disaster (to themselves or perhaps others) may develop. Worry of heights and claustrophobia are also common. An individual who needs this treatment is frequently chilly and sluggish, includes a craving for sweets, and is easily fatigued.


This particular solution is normally useful for low back pain and muscle weak point, specially in a person that is chilly, flabby or even overweight, and easily fatigued by exertion. Chronic mid back pain and muscle weakness might bring about inflammation and soreness that are aggravated simply by dampness and cold.


for bronchitis after the cold. The cough can be troublesome and tickling, worse from lying down or perhaps stooping forward, worse coming from getting cold, and more serious at night. Children could have fever, sweaty heads while sleeping, and be very tired. Adults may feel more chilly and have clammy hands and feet, inhaling problems when walking up slopes or climbing stairways, and generally poor endurance.


This solution may be indicated when a particular person developing cataracts has typically the feeling of looking by means of a mist. A particular person needing this solution is likely to be a responsible type, but feels overwhelmed whenever under stress and concerns breakdown or disease. Chilliness, swollen glands, weight difficulties, and straightforward tiring from exertion


People who require this treatment often sense more stable when constipated, and experience discomfort in addition to fatigue if the bowels have got moved. Large stools are usually hard in the beginning, then sticky, then liquid. The particular person may feel chilly in addition to sluggish, have clammy hands and feet, crave sweets, and feel weak and anxious when ill or overworked.


A dependable, industrious person who will become overwhelmed from too very much worry, work, or actual physical illness may benefit through this remedy. Anxiety, tiredness, confusion, discouragement, self-pity, plus a dread of devastation.


This solution is suited to men and women who are frosty with clammy hands in addition to feet, and tend to be able to develop eczema and cracking skin that is worse within the wintertime. They may be easily fatigued by exertion, in addition to feel anxious and overcome if ill or overworked.


A person who develops swelling in typically the lower extremities, especially about the knees, might need this specific remedy. Symptoms can be even worse from sitting, unless the legs are supported.


Muscle soreness and some weakness that are worse through exertion, and worse coming from getting cold and moist, may be relieved by this remedy.


When a person needing this cure has gallbladder problems, typically the abdomen may feel enlarged on the right and become very sensitive to stress, with cutting pains of which extend to the chest muscles and they are worse from stooping, The person feels worse coming from standing, worse from exertion, more enhanced from lying about the painful side.

High blood pressure

This remedy is usually helpful to individuals with high blood pressure who else easily tire and have got poor stamina. They may be typically responsible types, who feel overwhelmed when ill in addition to fear a breakdown. Heart palpitations and breathing problems may be worse from going for walks up a slope or perhaps stairs, and also when lying down down.


People that want this treatment tire very easily and have low strength. They tend to feel chilly and sluggish, with clammy hands and foot (though their feet may heat up during sex at night, and their minds may perspire during sleep). Swollen lymph nodes, repeated colds, sore throats, hearing infections, and skin eruptions are common. Children who require this cure are often slow to walk and might have teething problems, repeated colds, and ear attacks

Menopause symptoms

This cure may be helpful to a female with heavy flooding, night sweats and flushing (despite a general chilliness), as well as fat gain during menopause. People that need this remedy are generally responsible and hard-working, but somewhat slow or plodding and is easily fatigued. Stress can be strong, and overwork or stress may bring about short-term breakdown.

Mouth ulcers

This solution is normally suggested when infants and tiny children have recurring canker sores. A kid who requirements this solution may furthermore have head-sweats during sleep, in addition to be slow to teethe or learn to stroll. Calcarea carbonica may aid with canker sores in grown ups who will be chilly, strong, and easily fatigued.

Osteo arthritis


Pituarity disfunction

Parathyroid disfunction

Thyroid disfunction

Depressive disorder after birth

This cure can be helpful to a woman that is confused by working too hard and taking on too much responsibility. Weakness and fatigue make her feel frustrated. Anxiety, insomnia, and scary dreams may develop


Englische Krankheit

 Arthritis rheumatoid

This solution may be useful for significantly aching arthritis involving client formation across the joints. Inflammation and soreness are even worse from cold and humidity, and problems may be focused on the legs and hands. Weakness in the muscles, easy tiredness from exertion, and a feeling of chilliness or sluggishness are normal.



Varicose blood vessels

Varicose veins that hurt while the person is standing or walking may reply to this remedy. People who need this cure often have poor blood flow, with clammy hands and feet, and a general experience of chilliness. They may have weak or unattractive muscles, and be easily tired by exertion.

Fungus infections/ Candidiasis

When this solution is indicated, burning and itching feelings may occur both before and after the menstrual period. Discharge from vaginitis is milky and acrid or thick and yellow. The person who needs this solution is often cold and stout, has a craving for sweets, and is easily tired by exertion.

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