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Antimony pentoxide

Product Description

CAS: 1314-60-9
Molecular Formula: H3O4Sb
Molecular Weight: 188.7814
Product description:
1. Can be used as chemical fiber fabrics, plastic, paper, rubber, and copper-clad laminate efficient flame retardant synergistic agent. 
2. This product is a universal additive flame retardant, often with organochlorine, bromine flame retardant agent, synergistic effect is good. Used as polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC, pet plastic, such as flame retardant. This hydrosol can be evenly and stably dispersed in textile grout, and can with extremely small particles are scattered within the fiber and spinning is suitable for flame retardant fiber. Also can be used in the flame retardant finishing of fabric, with its high processing fabric wash fastness, and do not affect the fabric colour and lustre, feel soft, the effect is better. Also used as antimony salt raw material glass decoloring agent, enamel and paint pigments, mordant, etc., and used for drug and alcohol separation. 
3. Used in the manufacture of antimonate, antimony compounds, and pharmaceutical industry.

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