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Cinnamic alcohol

Product Description

CAS: 104-54-1
Molecular Formula: C9H10O
Molecular Weight: 134.18
Product description:White crystals, soluble in ethanol, propylene glycol, most of the volatile oil, poorly soluble in water and petroleum ether, insoluble in glycerin and non-volatile oil.Can be used for the preparation of cinnamyl chloride, is used for preparation of long-acting multi-purpose vasoconstriction antagonists brain evolution of oxazine excellent raw material, at the same time, cinnamyl chloride can also be used for synthesis of disease-resistant source sex microbial medicine naphthalene for Finn and antitumor drugs torre m Finn. Two flunarizine hydrochloride is a kind of calcium antagonists, cinnamyl chloride can be used to synthesis. Cinnamic alcohol is used for the preparation of spice cinnamic acid raw materials of cinnamic esters.

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