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Product Description

CAS: 68-41-7
Molecular Formula: C3H6N2O2
Molecular Weight: C3H6N2O2
Product description:By a lilac grey Streptomyces (Streptomyces lavendulae) and orchid Streptomyces (S.o rchidaceus) or by chemical synthetic peptides of broad spectrum antibiotics. As white crystalline, hygroscopicity strong, easily soluble in water, soluble in lower alcohol, acetone and dioxane, hardly soluble in chloroform and petroleum ether; In alkaline solution is relatively stable, quickly decompose in acidic and neutral solution. Ring serine wide antimicrobial spectrum, in addition to n/med tuberculosis bacili, for the majority of gram-positive and negative bacteria, rickettsia and some parasite has inhibitory effect, to streptomycin, violet toxin, amino acid, isoniazid, pyrazinamide and so on to have a role in drug resistance of mycobacterium tuberculosis. Ring serine and isoniazid for mycobacterium tuberculosis H37RV had mild synergy, with streptomycin have neither function also does not display the antagonism. Bacteriostatic agent, this product is increasing dose or prolong the acting time, and the bacteria also not appear antiseptic effect.

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