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Product Description

CAS: 4046-02-0
Molecular Formula: C12H15O4
Molecular Weight: 223.24
Product description:Production used in the treatment of disease of heart head blood-vessel and white blood cells reduce disease drugs such as basic raw materials. Such as blood kang, Mrs Vein capsule, oral liquid, etc., it also in the human body can have the effect of body building and protect the skin. It can inhibit thrombosis, regulating immune function, and oxygen free radical inhibition, used for cardio-cerebrovascular disease API. Antioxidant, eliminate oxygen free radicals, beauty role. In recent years, research has shown that ferulic acid sodium except for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases prevention and treatment, can also effectively antagonism a variety of chemical liver damage, and on the hepatic ischemia-reperfusion injury and protective immunity liver injury.

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