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Titanous chloride

Product Description

CAS: 7705-07-9
Molecular Formula: Cl3Ti
Molecular Weight: 154.2265
Product description:
1. Mainly used as reducing agent. Α, olefin polymerization catalyst. Used in the analysis of azo dye. 
2. This product and triethyl aluminium, tower type catalyst, or with a composition of diethyl aluminium chloride complexing catalyst system for propylene polymerization. This product is mainly used as reducing agent, also used in organic synthesis. Mainly used as reducing agent. Alpha olefin polymerization catalyst. Used in the analysis of azo dye. 
3. Strong reducing agent, reduction of nitrate into ammonia. And so2 solution boil, sulfur precipitation, can be used for the quantitative determination of nitrate and iron ion in aqueous solution. Can be used as a catalyst. Analytical reagent, chromogenic agent. 
4. Titanium trichloride as chemical tin reductant, also can be used for other plating or add material pretreatment.

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