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Product Details

Name Tocopherol
Alias TCP / Vitamin E / α-Tocopherol
CAS  No. 59-02-9
Formula C29H50O2
Weight 430.71 g/mol
Usage Cosmetics / Pharmaceuticals
Appearance yellow-brown viscous liquid

Product Description

Tocopherol (or TCP) is a class of compounds that primarily exhibit vitamin E activity. This is a class of phenolic organic compounds containing polymethylation. Because its vitamin activity was first identified in the experiment on rat fertility factors in 1936, it was named "tocopherol".

Tocopherol is a hydrolysate of vitamin E (Ve). The natural tocopherols are d-tocopherol (dextrorotatory), which have 8 isomers such as α, β, Υ, δ, etc. Tocopherol is the most active. A tocopherol-mixed concentrate (d-mixed-tocopherol concentrate) used as an antioxidant is a mixture of various isomers of natural tocopherol. Tocopherol is a natural oil-soluble antioxidant currently produced in large quantities. Widely used in whole milk powder, cream or margarine, meat products, processed fish products, dehydrated vegetables, fruit drinks, frozen foods and convenience foods, especially tocopherols as baby foods, therapeutic foods, fortified foods, etc. Antioxidants and nutritional supplements are even more important.

Tocopherol, also known as vitamin E, is a fat-soluble compound that is important for health. Its chemical form is a semi-fluid state with colors ranging from yellow to brownish red. As a naturally occurring ingredient, tocopherols can be found in many foods including vegetable oils, nuts and nut oils, cereals, green and yellow vegetables, some fruits, meat, eggs and dairy products. Breakfast oatmeal and many processed foods also strengthen tocopherols, making them a good source of vitamins. In addition, there are vitamin E nutritional supplements to choose from.

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin known as a blood vessel scavenger. It has a significant effect on the prevention of cardiovascular disease and has a strong antioxidant effect. It not only prevents adult diseases, but also has the function of delaying aging and often licking youth.


Tocopherols perform a variety of functions in the body, such as helping cells to breathe and clearing cellular pollutants. It promotes blood circulation, contributes to red blood cell function, and has the effect of preventing the formation of blood clots. It is also an antioxidant that limits the body's oxidative damage. The oxidation process produces free radicals, which, if left uncontrolled, can easily cause severe degenerative diseases. Antioxidants such as tocopherols can destroy free radicals and prevent or delay physical damage.

Tocopherols can Increases the antioxidant function of cells, maintains and promotes reproductive function. It has a certain anti-ageing effect, can also improve lipid metabolism, prevent arteriosclerosis and reduce blood lipids. Commonly used to prevent habitual abortion and threatened abortion, as well as the treatment of the menopausal syndrome. (In addition, vitamin E is a highly effective antioxidant that protects biofilms from peroxide damage and acts to improve skin blood circulation, enhance skin cell vitality and delay ageing.)

  • Delays cellular oxidative ageing, moisturizes the skin, eliminates pigmentation, and maintains youthful posture.
  • Purify blood, reduce the density of low-density lipoprotein in the blood, and prevent hardening of the blood vessels.
  • Promotes normal erythropoiesis and prevents blood from clotting;
  • Lower blood pressure and reduce the chance of developing ischemic heart disease.
  • Enhance the detoxification function of the liver, protect the body and reduce fatigue.
  • Promote the secretion of sex hormones, improve reproductive capacity, and prevent miscarriage.

Tocopherols and their derivatives are widely used in the cosmetic industry, both in the form of natural extracts and synthetic chemicals. Because vitamin E has moisturizing, anti-aging and anti-wrinkle properties, base creams, blushes and eye shadows, lipsticks, creams and moisturizers, as well as soaps, shampoos, detergents and conditioners often contain this vitamin.

Alternative therapy advocates suggest that increasing the vitamin E dose can provide more health benefits. High doses of tocopherol have been used to treat a variety of serious diseases including glaucoma, cataracts, Alzheimer's disease and cancer. However, high doses are not only unhelpful. When it exceeds 400 mg, it may cause dizziness, stomach upset or nausea. Therefore, studies suggest that high doses of tocopherol may increase health risks.

  • Protect reproductive health
  • Improve cardiovascularly
  • Anti-fatigue effect
  • Anti-ageing effect
  • Beauty effect
  • Treating gastric ulcer
  • Treatment of Psoriasis

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