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Triphenylphosphine oxide

Product Details

Name Triphenylphosphine oxide
Alias TPPO
CAS  No. 791-28-6
Formula C18H15OP
Weight 278.29 g/mol
Usage Intermediates, catalysts, extractants
Appearance white crystalline powder

Product Description

Triphenylphosphine oxide (often abbreviated TPPO) is the organophosphorus compound with the formula OP(C 6 H 5 ) 3, also written as Ph 3 PO or PPh 3 O (Ph = C 6 H 5 ). This colourless crystalline compound is a common but potentially useful waste product in reactions involving triphenylphosphine.  It is a popular reagent to induce the crystallizing of chemical compounds.


The rigidity of the triphenylphosphine oxide skeleton and the basicity of the oxygen atom make it possible to induce a compound which is difficult to crystallize by other methods of crystallization, and is particularly effective for an acid-containing substance such as phenol.


Can be used in organic synthesis intermediates, pharmaceutical intermediates, catalysts and extractants.

Industrially used as a solvent, catalyst, corrosion inhibitor; also used in the synthesis of rubber accelerators and other fine chemicals, also used as a polyurethane catalyst, a catalyst for the synthesis of ampicillin and hydroxybenzyl penicillin; can be produced by oxidation with hydrogen peroxide -methyl oxidized morpholine; used for fluorescent anti-counterfeit powder, etc.

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