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Lidocaine Nerve Block Reduces Pain During IUD Insertion

Aletha Y. Akers, M. D., M. P. H., coming from Children's Hospital of Phila., and colleagues randomized 96 adolescents and young ladies (ages 14 to 22) obtaining a 13. 5-mg levonorgestrel IUD to both a 10-mL 1 pct lidocaine paracervical block or perhaps a sham block (1 cm depression from the oral epithelium at paracervical prevent sites with a wood made cotton-tipped applicator).

The scientists found that 79 % of the study members previously used contraception. After IUD insertion, the median aesthetic analog scale score had been drastically lower in typically the lidocaine block group in comparison with the sham block group (30 versus 71. 5).

"The 1 % paracervical nerve block may possibly be useful for decreasing patient-reported pain during IUD insertion, but its use must be balanced together with a careful consideration of the risks associated with this nerve blockade, inch conclude the authors.

Many authors report financial connections to the pharmaceutical market, and one author teaches health care providers to insert the Nexplanon contraceptive device as a consultant for Merck. Bayer Healthcare Inc. offered funding for that study.

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