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CYP3A4 Induction STEP™ Reporter Assay Kit (Luminescence)

Product Description

Stability : 1 year
Storage : -20°C
Description :
Early screening of a drug candidate’s potential to induce or inhibit CYP3A4 is a critical step in the drug development process.  CYP3A4 Induction STEP™ Reporter Assay Kit (Luminescence) is a novel method to assess CYP3A4 induction. STEP™ (Surface Transfection and Expression Protocol) is a patented, solid phase transient transfection technology that overcomes many of the disadvantages of other transfection approaches.  The STEP™ complex also contains two nuclear expression constructs, Pregnane X Receptor (PXR) and Hepatocyte Nuclear Factor-4α (HNF-4α). Cells grown on the CYP3A4 STEP™ plate will introduce the reporter gene and express PXR and HNF-4α. Binding of inducer-activated transcription factors to the CYP3A4 promoter initiates expression of SEAP, which is secreted into the cell culture medium. Aliquots of medium are removed at fixed time intervals and SEAP activity is measured by adding a luminescence-based alkaline phosphatase substrate provided in the kit. The kit is simple to use and can be easily adapted to high-throughput screening for potential CYP3A4 inducers. 

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