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Product Description

CAS Number : 936224-52-1
Molecular Formula : C24H42N5O8PS
Formula Weight : 591.7g/mol
Specification :
Stability:1 year
Formulation:A solution in ethanol
Description :
DEPMPO is a nitrone that is used to spin trap reactive O-, N-, S-, and C-centered radicals and allow their characterization when used in association with electron spin resonance. It is noted for the stability of adducts formed. DEPMPO can be used in vitro or in vivo, as it crosses lipid bilayer membranes and is a good trapping agent in biological systems. DEPMPO-biotin is a biotinylated form of DEPMPO which retains the outstanding persistency of its adducts.Importantly, DEPMPO-biotin binds free radicals, such as S-nitroso groups, on proteins, producing adducts that can be analyzed via the biotin tag. This direct labeling of S-nitrosothiols (SNO) thus serves as an effective alternative to the more cumbersome biotin-switch method for monitoring SNO formation.
Storage : -80°C

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