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Glycyl-H-1152 (hydrochloride)

Product Description

CAS Number : 913844-45-8
Molecular Formula : C18H24N4O3S • 2HCl
Formula Weight : 449.4g/mol
Specification :
Formulation:A crystalline solid
Stability:2 years
Description :
Two Rho kinases (ROCK), ROCK-I and ROCK-II, act downstream of the G protein Rho to regulate cytoskeletal stability. The Rho kinases play important roles in diverse cellular functions including cell adhesion and proliferation, smooth muscle contraction, and stem cell renewal.123 Glycyl-H-1152 is a selective and potent ROCK inhibitor (IC50 = 11.8 nM for ROCK-II).4 It is a glycylated isoquinoline compound derived from the therapeutically-important ROCK inhibitor HA-1077 (Fasudil hydrochloride) and exhibits better specificity. Thus, it poorly inhibits calcium/calmodulin kinase II, protein kinase G, and Aurora A (IC50 = 2.57, 2.35, and 3.26 μM, respectively) as well as PKA or PKC (IC50 >10 μM for each).4 The potency of Glycyl-H-1152 is superior to that of other ROCK inhibitors, including Y-27632 (Ki = 220 nM) and HA-1077 (IC50 = 158 nM).4,5 
Storage : -20°C

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