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Product Description

Formulation : 50 mM sodium phosphate pH 7.2, containing100 mM sodium chloride, 2.5 mM DTT, and 20% glycerol
Purity : ≥95%
Stability : 9 months
Storage : -80°C
Description :
Recombinant N-terminal His-tagged GRFT, purified from E. coli · Mr: 14.6 kDa · Griffithsin (GRFT), is a lectin isolated from Griffithsia sp. with anti-HIV activity at subnanomolar concentrations.1 GRFT activity is glycosylation-dependent and acts by binding to glycoproteins gp41, gp120 and gp160 on the viral envelope, blocking the virus from binding to CD4 receptor-expressing cells in the host. It also prevents cell fusion between infected and uninfected cells, further inhibiting the spread of HIV in the body. GRFT functions as a homodimer, with each monomer containing three carbohydrate binding sites. GRFT unique anti-viral activity is of interest for use in microbicide production to stop transmission of HIV through sexual contact. It has also been shown to have inhibitory effects with SARS-related coronavirus; where GRFT binding to the SARS-CoV S protein can prevent viral entry and reduce viral load in succeeding rounds of infection. 

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