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GW 848687X

Product Description

CAS Number : 612831-24-0
Molecular Formula : C24H18ClF2NO3
Formula Weight : 441.9g/mol
Specification : 
Stability:1 year
Formulation:A solution in methyl acetate
Description :
GW 848687X has 30-fold selectivity over the thromboxane A2 receptor, TP, acting as a functional antagonist at this receptor at higher levels. Its actions against the FP and CRTH2/DP2 receptors have not been characterized. In vivo, GW 848687X has an excellent oral pharmacokinetic profile, with oral bioavailability at 54% in rats and 53% in dogs with a half-life of two hours in both species. In a rat model of chronic inflammatory joint pain, GW 848687X shows complete anti-hyperalgesic activity with an ED50 value of 1.3 mg/kg.
Storage : -20°C

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