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Palmitoleoyl 3-carbacyclic Phosphatidic Acid

Product Description

CAS Number : 910228-13-6
Molecular Formula : C20H37O5P
Formula Weight : 388.5g/ol
specification :
Stability:1 year
Formulation:A solution in chloroform
Description :
Palmitoleoyl 3-carbacyclic Phosphatidic Acid (3-ccPA 16:1) is a cyclic LPA analog that contains the 16:1 fatty acid, palmitoleate, at the sn-1 position of the glycerol backbone. At 25 μM, it inhibits the transcellular migration of MM1 cells across mesothelial cell monolayers in response to fetal bovine serum (86.9%) or LPA (99.9%) without affecting proliferation. 3-ccPA 16:1 significantly inhibits autotaxin (IC50 = 620 nM), an enzyme that is important in cancer cell survival, growth, migration, invasion and metastasis. When delivered intraperitoneally, 3-ccPA 16:1 significantly reduces the number of lung metastases formed in mice injected with B16F10 melanoma cells in the tail vein.
Storage : -20°C

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