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SET7/9 Methyltransferase Inhibitor Screening Assay Kit

Product Description

Stability : 6 months
Storage : -80°C
Description :
SET7/9 is exclusively a mono-methylase. Methylation of lysine residues can promote transcriptional activation or repression and is critical for regulating histone function. SET7/9 methylation of p53 in response to DNA damage activates p53 for subsequent acetylation. SET7/9 is able to modulate p53 activity in a human cancer cell line, implying that it may play a significant role in human turmorigenesis.  SET7/9 Methyltransferase Inhibitor Screening Assay provides a convenient method for screening human SET7/9 inhibitors. The transfer of the methyl group from SAM by SET7/9 to the acceptor peptide (TAF 10) generates S-adenosylhomocysteine, which is rapidly converted to S-ribosylhomocysteine and adenine by adenosylhomocysteine nucleosidase. 

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