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SIRT2 Direct Fluorescence Screening Assay Kit

Product Description

Stability : 6 months
Storage : -80°C
Description : 
SIRT2 is a cytoplasmic protein responsible for the deacetylation of histone H4 at lysine-16 and lysine-40 of α-tubulin, a modification important for controlling the cell cycle. Specifically, SIRT2 co-localizes with HDAC6 and microtubules and functions as a mitotic checkpoint in preventing chromosomal instability that can lead to hyperpolid cells. SIRT2 is found in many tissues, but is specifically enriched in skeletal muscle, heart, and in oligodendroglia cells in the brain. SIRT2 has been suggested to act as a tumor suppressor in human brain gliomas. Down-regulation of SIRT2 gene expression and/or deletion of the chromosomal region containing the SIRT2 gene is frequently observed in gliomas. SIRT2 expression might serve as a potential diagnostic molecular marker for gliomas and modulation of its activity may therefore be of interest for the management of gliomas.

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