N-Palmitoyl Glycine

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Product name : N-Palmitoyl Glycine

CAS Number : 2441-41-0

Molecular Formula : C18H35NO3

Formula Weight : 313.5g/mol

Specification :
Stability:2 years
Formulation:A crystalline solid

Description :
N-palmitoyl glycine (PalGly) contains an 18-carbon saturated fatty acid that is amide-linked to glycine and is structurally similar to the phospholipid-derived N-acyl ethanolamines. Endogenously produced in rat skin and spinal cord, PalGly is present in 100-fold greater amounts in skin and 3-fold greater in brain compared to AEA. Injection of 0.43 µg PalGly in rat hindpaw inhibits heat-induced firing of nociceptive neurons in rat dorsal horn. PalGly treatment induces transient calcium influx in native dorsal root ganglion (DRG) cells and in the PTX-sensitive, DRG-like cell line F-11 (EC50 = 5.5 µM).

Storage : -20°C


N-Palmitoyl Glycine
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