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Pyrolase(TM) 160 enzyme

Product Description

Product Characteristics:
Appearance: Blue 
Active pH: 7.0 – 10.0 
Active Temperature Range: 3 7℃-93℃ ; optimum at 79 ℃ . 
Compatibility: biocide, brine(seawater), glycerol, glycol, KCl, and water. 
Dilution: This product may be diluted with water for immediate use. To winterize this product, use ethylene glycol. 
Formulation: 35% glycerol with 300ppm biocide. 
Packaging and Container Size: 1 quart (946ml) containers; packaged in 4quarts per box. 
Description:Pyrolase(TM) 160 enzyme is a broad spectrum β-glycosidase with activity against guar, hydroxypropyl guar, carboxymethyl guar, carboxymethyl hydroxypropyl guar, carboxymethyl cellulose, barley β-glucan, and locust bean gum. The action pattern of Pyrolase(TM) 160 is both endo and exo, allowing it to effectively reduce the viscosity of guar and derivatized guar solutions by cleaving within long polysaccharide chains and also by cleaving disaccharide units from the ends of the polymers.

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