Apolipoprotein C2(apo-C2) ELISA Kit

Product Description


For the quantitative determination of human apolipoprotein C2(apo-C2) concentrations in serum, plasma, tissue homogenates.

Detection range:  

31.2 ng/mL-2000 ng/mL

Principle of Human Apolipoprotein C2(apo-C2) ELISA Kit:

This assay employs the competitive inhibition enzyme immunoassay technique. The microtiter plate provided in this kit has been pre-coated with apo-C2. Standards or samples are added to the appropriate microtiter plate wells with Horseradish Peroxidase (HRP) conjugated antibody preparation specific for apo-C2. The competitive inhibition reaction is launched between with pre-coated apo-C2 and apo-C2 in samples. A substrate solution is added to the wells and the color develops in opposite to the amount of apo-C2 in the sample. The color development is stopped and the intensity of the color is measured.


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