FABP4 Inhibitor/Ligand Screening Assay Kit

Product Description

Synonyms :
Fatty Acid Binding Protein 4
Adipocyte FABP
Stability : 1 year
Description :
Recent studies using FABP4 gene deletion in mice indicate a dominant role for FABP4 in several chronic metabolic diseases. Therefore, inhibiting the function of FABP4 is a potential mechanism for the treatment of metabolic diseases like diabetes and atherosclerosis.  FABP4 Ligand Binding Assay Kit provides a simple, reproducible, and sensitive tool for the identification of FABP4 ligands. The assay makes use of a Detection Reagent that exhibits increased fluorescence at 500 nm when bound to FABP4. Any strong ligand and/or inhibitor of FABP4 will displace the Detection Reagent thereby reducing the fluorescence. FABP4 is provided in high purity and in sufficient quantity for 100 tests.
Storage : -80°C

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