Histamine EIA Kit

Product Description

Synonyms : 1H-imidazole 4-ethaneamine ELISA Kit
Stability : 6 months
Description:Histamine secretion from gastric serosal cells contributes to the stimulation of gastric acid secretion. The clinical importance of histamine in the pathogenesis of allergy and asthma has long been appreciated. Together with the cysteinyl-leukotrienes, histamine contributes to the airway constriction, edema, vascular congestion, and inflammatory cell recruitment seen in acute allergic respiratory disease. Bacterial decarboxylation of the amino acid histidine in fresh fish produces histamine, which can be used as a health hazard biomarker indicative of bacterial contamination. The measurement of histamine levels is therefore of importance in fields as diverse as food quality inspection, pharmaceutical development, and clinical diagnostics.
Specificity :
Histamine 100% 
3 methyl Histamine 0.04% 
1 methyl Histamine 0.01%
Storage : -20°C

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