Interleukin-4 (human) EIA Kit

Product Description

Synonyms : IL-4 (human) ELISA Kit
Stability : 6 months
Description :
It is synthesized as a 153 amino acid peptide from which a 24 amino acid signal sequence is cleaved to form the mature protein. IL-4 increases proliferation of B-cells in response to LPS or anti-IgM, and increases the expression of class II MHC antigens, the IgE receptor, and the IL-4 receptor on B-cells. IL-4 inhibits NK cell activation and proliferation as well as IL-2-induced LAK activation. The biological effects of IL-4 are mediated by a high-affinity cell surface receptor complex consisting of α and γc subunits, of which the γc subunit is a component of the IL-2, IL-7, and IL-15 receptors and the α subunit which can be complexed with the IL-13α receptor. A soluble IL-4 receptor which binds IL-4 with high affinity in solution has been identified in human and mouse. Potent anti-tumor activity of IL-4 has been observed in murine tumor models.
Specificity :
Interleukin-4 100% 
Interleukin-1α <0.01% 
Interleukin-1β <0.01%
Storage : -20°C

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