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Be kind to pets to help it contraception (Aglepristone and Estradiol for sale)

I often hear that some of my friends’ dogs are non-purebred mismatched (unintentional hybridization) due to poor management, but even if they use a contraceptive, they still give birth to babies. At present, there is no contraceptive with a significant effect on dogs. Even if it is effective, it requires harsh conditions and cannot help the anxious owners. After consulting relevant data, they finally find some simple and feasible methods, hoping to help friends who love dogs. 

So far, a variety of methods have been established to terminate the pregnancy of dogs and cats and have undergone extensive experimental and clinical studies. The theoretical basis of these methods is the physiological characteristics of the pregnancy of dogs and cats.

Induced abortion for dogs is mainly caused by mismatching to prevent conception. The method of induced abortion has two types: prevention of pregnancy and termination of pregnancy.

Blocking the fetus method  This way is to prevent the conception by administering hormones


1.Estradiol. Ethylene estrone was administered from 0 days to 1 week after mismatching. The method is simple and has a high success rate, and the effect is to stop the implantation of the zygote. However, this method can prolong the duration of estrus syndrome (2-3 weeks), and the effect is not reliable when the drug is administered 2-4 weeks after mismatching. Administration after over 4 weeks of mismatching, some dogs can cause serious uterine bleeding. Note: Estrogen has been used to terminate pregnancy after mismatching, but for a variety of reasons, it is currently not recommended for the interruption of pregnancy in dogs. There are five main reasons. Firstly, many mismatched dogs are not pregnant; Secondly, daily dose of estrogen (cyclopentane estradiol, estradiol-cypionate, ECP) or diethylstilbestrol (DES) is neither the most effective nor safe; Thirdly, PGF2a and its similar drugs effectively terminate the pregnancy after the planting; Fourthly, Estrogen injection for birth control can cause uterine diseases; Fifthly, safe doses of estrogen are difficult to effectively terminate pregnancy, while the dose of estrogen that effectively terminates pregnancy is unsafe, especially after ovulation it can cause uterine disease. Even if it is suggested that low doses of estrogen can terminate the mismatched pregnancy, its efficacy and safety remain to be further studied.


2. Alizine (The main ingredient of Alizine is aglepristone) can be used in pregnant dogs whose mismatched pregnancy period is less than 45 days. Dogs, mating on the day after ovulation, has a normal gestation period of 62 days. Alesone can be used at any time after breeding until 45 days before pregnancy, safely and effectively, and it can terminate pregnancy within 21 days. In the second trimester, this medicine can also be used to terminate unwanted pregnancies, especially for 22-30 days of pregnancy. The treatment was subcutaneous injection of 0.33 ml/KG every day for 24 hours. Note: This product is oil-alcohol solution which has 30 mg of alesone per ml. (Alizine): Early injection of alexidone after breeding (0-25 days after breeding) can generally cause abortion. The last injection (26-45 days after breeding) can cause 95.7% of pregnant abortions. 

For the second trimester, after the first injection of alexidone, termination of pregnancy can be caused at the possibility of 94.4%. After early treatment, the embryo can be absorbed. After the first trimester of pregnancy, the fetus can be discharged after 4 days of the first dose. 50% can discharge the fetus in 7 days after administration. Note: The use of alesone might cause a local inflammatory reaction. After 2 weeks, this reaction disappears. The main reason may be caused by Alizine's oil-alcohol solution. To prevent this reaction, the skin at the injection site should be massage in time.

Termination of pregnancy in the second trimester can cause fetal excretion. The vaginal discharge of brown mucus can be observed 24 hours before the fetus is discharged, and it may last for 3-5 days. During the fetal discharge, some symptoms of abortion can be observed, such as: mild depression, transitional anorexia, breast congestion, etc. These symptoms can also be seen before termination of pregnancy with prostate or antiprogestin before and after pregnancy. 

Some dogs have a short interval of estrus after termination of pregnancy with Alizine hormone. In 1-3 months, some dogs can be seen estrus 45 days after termination of pregnancy.

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