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Metamizole's market conditions in the EU and other developed Countries

Metamizole was patented in 1920. (Metamizole sodium is an Active pharmaceutical ingredient that has analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and antipyretic properties. It is also known as Dipyrone, Analgin, Analgine, Metamizol Sodico, Metamizolo sodico, Metamizol sodico, Metamizolo, and Metamizol sodium. Metamizole sodium is an organic sodium salt of antipyrine substituted at C-4 by a methyl( sulfonatomethyl )amino group, commonly used as a strong painkiller, spasmodic reliever, and fever reliever.

Metamizole sodium

Name Metamizole sodium
Alias Dipyrone; Analgin; Metamizole sodium; Methampyrone; Novalgin; Sulpyrine
CAS  No. 68-89-3
Formula C13H16N3NaO4S
Weight 333.338 g/mol
Usage Pharmaceuticals
Appearance White powder

It plays a role as a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, a non-narcotic analgesic, an antirheumatic drug, a peripheral nervous system drug, an antipyretic, a prodrug and a cyclooxygenase 3 inhibitor.) Its patent protection is no longer available. If you want, you can produce it. The new drug research and development can help researcher apply for a number of patents, such as substance patent, and applying formulation patent, indication patent, prescription patent, and processing patent after a certain period of time. When the duration of the patent is nearly due, some companies authorize its generic drugs to compete with genuine drugs, so did Pfizer. 

In addition, so-called generic drugs made by the original brand is to prevent other generic drugs from listing. During the development period, the exclusive right of the experimental data of the drug is the exclusive rights obtained by the pharmaceutical company. Other pharmaceutical companies can't launch generic drugs based on the experimental data of the original drug manufacturer until the data protection period elapses.

The end of the protection period will pave the way for cheaper generic drugs. With the rapid development of generic drugs, China has already been a big country making raw materials in the world, and the whole world is using our raw materials. Why not? This is a very hot business indeed, not only for pharmaceutical companies but also for raw material suppliers.

In England, it is estimated that 4 billion tablets of 500 mg acetaminophen will be consumed each year! Of course not the ordinary, cheap form, but in the form of seasoning powder that one concentrates two super-pill, in the form of hot drinks and cold ones. More importantly, the pharmaceutical industry is trying to reclassify life-threatening drugs into free circulation but to increase their profits. Recently, in the United States, they wanted to freely purchase free cholesterol inhibitors which might cause very serious, but rarely fatal side effects. It hasn't gone so far, but...whether cholesterol shouldn't be reduced or even hurt is another question. Therefore, to some extent, Metamizole's generic drug extension is beneficial to patients.

Free market distribution of life-threatening substances

The risk of free-circulating drugs like Paracetamol (also known as acetaminophen) is that Paracetamol preparations of the same active ingredient for various symptoms can easily lead to overdose taken. People don't even think that free-flowing products can be fatal, and few people read small-font warnings. If the fever or pain is not alleviated, everyone will notice the other similar product quickly. Moreover, since Paracetamol has been proven to be a weaker analgesic than Algopyrin, it may make an effect.

A well-known feature of Paracetamol is that the therapeutic dose and the dose that causes the poisoning are very close. Acetaminophen poisoning will cause liver damage, even liver death. If you do not realize Paracetamol poisoning within a few hours, liver damage will result in death. Patients suffered sweating, nausea, and vomiting, will get rid of posion in several hours after taking medicine. Symptoms of poisoning (jaundice, coma, kidney disease) after 24 hours have been reported to damage liver and then die soon.

However, in the case of overdosage, patients tend to seem calm. Within two days after taking medicine, there is no symptom of poisoning. But 5-6 days later, serious symptoms break out then the patient die. Therefore, if patients suspect that he is taking too much medicine, he should apply immediately to the toxicology department. However, the British Medical Journal reported several patients who had a Paracetamol level of less than 200 mg/L in the blood after overdose, but the patient died within a few days after being released. In fact, in the case of each overdose, the patients should be given intravenous acetylcysteine!

"Since the therapeutic and toxic doses are very close, no one taking Paracetamol would feel safe. If we only look at the statistics, taking 4 grams a day can cause liver damage and 6 grams for death. Otherwise, 150 mg/kg is already a toxic dose." The number of Australian notifications of adverse drug reactions since October 2005 was reported.

In addition, 10 cases of liver injury have been reported during treatment which is over the therapeutic dose (20 mg/kg body weight). Through our recalculation, for a 20 kg child, this is only 400 mg! The acetaminophen preparation has an average active ingredient content ranging from 500 to 750 mg, with the exception of drugs specifically for children. In many parents' opinions, it's a good way to treat children's headache and fever, especially for elder children. However, it will easily exceed the safe dosage.

In England, 70,000 people suffering from Paracetamol poisoning is treated each year, including excessive suicide. (I am not writing an idea because it is not a good way of death, but 20 tablets are enough to cause Paracetamol poisoning.) From 1993 to 1997, 500 people in England died in Paracetamol overdosage. These data indicate that there are 1,400 Paracetamol poisonings per million inhabitants in England and that only 10 of them died of Paracetamol per million people due to advanced health care. Free-circulating acetaminophen is half source of excessive poisoning worldwide.

Metamizole sodium

Another risk of taking Paracetamol (and aspirin) is renal failure, a kidney disease. According to a study in Sweden, acetaminophen is consumed 2.5 times more than renal failure, while patients with kidney problems have a 5.5-fold risk of kidney disease. Metamizole (such as Algopyrin) has no similar risks.

If we compare these data to one million people, we can say that Paracetamol is five times dangerous than agmorelin or quarlin. Of course, this calculation does not take something into account, for example, in England, many liver transplants can reduce the mortality of Paracetamol, and health care can better prepare for the professional treatment of such cases. I think that if there is almost no case before the diagnosis, and people will quietly die because of "unexplained" reasons. If the poisoned case isn't provided within 4 hours, the chances of survival for poisoning patients are rapidly reduced. Therefore, in Hungary, Paracetamol is much more dangerous than our expectations from international statistics.


In addition to Paracetamol today, the free painkillers in the ads are the same. It belongs to a group of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (Algoflex, Algol, Advil, Aleve, Huma-Ibuprofen, Ibul's, Voltaren, Nurofen Solpaflex, Melvin, etc.). Similarly, these drugs pose serious risks for unsuspecting buyers. According to a broad meta-analysis of 18 studies (Arch. Intern. Med.), these drugs used by women is 5.1 times than men's. Converted to numbers, taking one or more drugs (one millionth) will cause a stomach ulcer or bleeding. However, the older they are, the greater the risk they'll suffer. Over 7 bleeding events happened to people over 75 years old. If the patient has previously had a stomach ulcer, the ratio is one thousandth. The higher the dose is, the greater the risk is! Drugs that contain Metamizole, such as Algopyrin and Quarelin, pose a quite insignificant risk to health, and in fact, they are the safest analgesics and antipyretics on the market.

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