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A review on Aglepristone's clinical use in animals

Aglepristone is a competitive progesterone antagonist which is suitable for the treatment of various progesterone-dependent physiological or pathologic conditions.

a female dog

Aglepristone has been proven to be an effective means of terminating pregnancy for most species. When applied to induce parturition, aglepristone takes effect in all cases of the bitch, cow, and goat, with no obvious side effects on neonatal health or milking. When applied to arrange an elective cesarean section, aglepristone treatment was considered safe for dams and puppies, providing that the ovulation date had been accurately predicted at the time of breeding. No matter how the stage of pregnancy at injection is, treatment with aglepristone has no obvious negative effects on subsequent fertility. Aglepristone is also a safe and relatively effective method of treating pyometra. However, in view of the high level of septic risk and the possibility of rapid deterioration, such therapy is not suggested in emergency situations. Treat feline fibroadenomatosis through using aglepristone has given promising results, but repeating treatment may be necessary for cats previously treated with long-acting progestagens. The application of aglepristone in other progesterone-dependent diseases has yet to be fully testified but may prove valuable, especially in the treatment of insulin-resistant diabetes mellitus, acromegaly, and the treatment of some vaginal tumors of the bitch.

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