Du Jing Ye fruit powder

Ingredient content: Etoline Powder + Padouselison
Ye Du Fruit is an excellent "melanin special effects capture processing elements" (Anti-Melanis Element) of primary melanoma secreted tyrosine (L-Tyrosinanse) has an integrated role in the formation of dark spots throughout much damage Pakistan (DOPA) reaction program, with detoxifying Capture, wrinkle skin rejuvenation, pigment balanced as one of the ultimate beauty products saint. (With nano-energy liquid with better results)
Covering 95% of nanotechnology rapid absorption of active ingredients, and contains a unique nourishing ingredients,
For sallow, dull, dull skin with outstanding results, whitening, effectively inhibit the activity of tyrosinase, fade pigmentation spots and prevent wrinkle formation and skin aging, skin so dark dark moist whitening reproduce, shiny and elastic.
After cleansing, take appropriate crystalline powder into the palm, and fingertips that picks up after the smear on the face, slightly massage until absorbed.
1, not open a closed storage period of 2 years; Once opened, the shelf life of 2-3 months. 2, the product is the essence of liquid high purity, high unit, be sure to store the bottle in contact with air at room open 20 ℃ shade or put in the refrigerator to avoid product deterioration occurs.

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