Energy Moisture Essence - GP4G (Diguanosine tetraphosphate)Production Formula

Energy Moisture Essence

Application Example

Brand: Revlon

Series: Revlon Vibrant Vitamin C Premium Beauty Series

Product Feature:

  • Enriched with a new generation of long-lasting vitality vitamin C, combined with the precious marine extract GP4G and natural moisturizing factor, through the breakthrough high-efficiency transmission technology, deep into the skin, awaken the vitality of each cell, and make the skin from the inside out Shines with water embellish luster.
  • Quickly absorbed by the skin, smoothes the skin and moisturizes the skin effectively
  • Deep release of vitamin C for a long-lasting release, perfectly moisturize skin, and make skin feel tender and comfortable
  • Resist oxidation, can effectively resist the external environment right against the skinImprove skin quality and bring your skin with a new look. 


Brand: MARUBI 

Series: Gold Elastin Eye Complex

Product Feature:

  • Repair damages; GP4G helps skin resist environmental invasion, especially the damage caused by UV light ageing, it also repairs skin, increases fibronectin and collagen.
  • Prevents aging; Enzyme Extract Q-10 resists free radical damage to elastic fibers and collagen, moisturizes the eyes, and gives skin whitening tender texture.
  • Recovering youth; GP4G and C100 can promote the regeneration of epidermal cells, fade out fine lines around eyes, and regain smooth, white, elastic, firm, soft and youthful skin.



Series: Radiation Protection Product Series
Product Feature:

  •  The addition of GP4G continuously delivers cell energy factor to the skin, effectively resisting the damage of UV rays and radiation to the skin, and strengthening cell's vigour.

Water, glycerol, Cetearyl alcohol, hydrogenated shea butter, chrysanthemum extract, allantoin, sodium hyaluronate, coconut oil extract, GP4G, etc.

Series: Luxurious Living BB Water

Product Feature:
Deep permeate a skin base layer, hydrates, nourishes and repairs facial skin, repairs damaged and aged cells and delay the existence of winkles. Activates skin cells toproduce collagen, elastin and mucopolysaccharides, helping smoothen fine lines from within, whitening and rejuvenating, boosting skin luster, firming and smoothing,increasing elasticity, high-efficiency repairing effect, strengthening skin regeneration, enhancing skin's anti-interference and self-protection ability, thus effectively resisting skin aging.

Amino acid NMF-50, DPHP, GP4G, seaweed extract, soft  ovalbumin, hyaluronic acid, L−(+)−ascorbic acid, licorice extract


Brand: OLEVA

Series: Youth Bio-repair Cream

Product Feature:
 Bio-repair cream has the function of biologic reconstruction  and the ability to increase cellular energy. The magical active  ingredients extracted from the ocean can stimulate the energy of skin care, delay the aging of the skin and rejuvenate the  youthful radiance.


  •  Indian spilanthes extract effectively smoothing expression  wrinkles
  •  Wheat protein and peptides to reshape facial firming skin
  •  GP4G, a high energy regenerant, soothes, regenerates and strengthens DNA  protection and repair functions


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