Free-dry powder series

Freeze-dried powder cosmetics supply third-generation high-nutrient high anti-biomedical
Specifications:Freeze-dried powder cosmetics third generation of high nutrition high anti-biomedical
Product Description:
Use of human cloning in particular the use of medical bionics transdermal carrier, carrying more than 180 kinds of biological science Recipe effective active ingredient into the skin. Depending on the skin like a baby, take the initiative to "feed."
Medical Bionics transdermal carrier and composite nutrient elements, including 180 kinds of compound ingredients, such as: multi-vitamins, active small molecule peptides, DNA, ATP, EGF, BFGF, SOD, vitamin A, E, C, amino acids, cell activity polypeptide.
3.the effect
This product is only interested in one thing, is how to get balanced nutrition to the skin.
Basic Effect: At that time, from one month after the use of a progressive effect: anti-fine moisturizing gloss nutrition.
(1) applies to all people of high nutrition, skin care, can improve skin texture, anti-aging.
(2) and the other "effects" with the use of products that can enhance its efficacy, reduce side effects and prolong the life of effectiveness of products in the market.
(3) has been damaged skin may play a nutritional rehabilitation (non-allergy repair) role.
(4) the mask used in conjunction with various types, can enhance the effectiveness and improve quality.
(5) can be used for a variety of micro-invasive operations (such as profile thorn, etc.) after the repair.

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