Hand care series

It adopts pure plant essential oil and natural nourishing ingredients which can effectively penetrate into deep skin, accelerate metabolism of cells to keep hand moisturizing and smoothing for long time. Especially for dry, aging, spots of hand skin.
Market status
Super hand care package.
Applicable range
For coarse, dry, chap, aging, inelastic, spots, bad blood circulation of hand and other hand skin problems.
Package includes
27Walnut Particle Scrub Cream
• Benefits:It is help to get rid of dead skin without irritate skin.
• Capacity:60g
28Hand Care Massage Cream
• Benefits:Massage Cream provide true aromatherapy benefits for the mind, body and spirit. This unique and innovative massage blend combines skin nourishing ingredients,which can provide a luxurious, long lasting glide for the skin .
• Usage:Apply aome massage cream on hands, massage it for 15-25 minutes.
• Capacity:60g
Hand Care Whitening Mask
• Benefits:Hand whitening cream, it hydrates, protects and diminishes the intensity of the spots .
• Usage:Apply some mask onto hands,get it off after 20-30 minutes
• Capacity:60g
• Effective Moisturizing Lotion
Benefits:It deeply moisturizes and nourishes delicate Hand skin . It is also ideal for those with dry skin or eczema. It seals moisture into the skin to prevent drying.
• Usage:Apply some lotion onto hands, lightly pat it until absorbed.
• Capacity:60g

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