L-vitamin-C crystal powder

Ingredients:Vitamin-C Powder + Padouselison
L-vitamin C is the use of nanotechnology, with superior penetration and oxidation stability, can stay in the dermis up to more than six hours, and slow-release L-C L C without causing oxidation. With hydrophilic and lipophilic dual characteristics, can promote the synthesis of collagen, fade pigmentation, dark spots, freckles, age spots, sun spots and other types of spots and wrinkles, eliminate acne, repair the defect cavity, but also quickly eliminate the dull colors, increase skin brightening, flexibility, especially for easy dry, sensitive, inflamed skin has unique immune protection.
Nanotechnology coating 95% active ingredients, rapid absorption through the soft white light reaching effects, improve skin elasticity, moisture level and clarity, dull spots once resolved. Apply any skin, very sensitive skin appropriate reductions.
After cleansing, pour the powder into the palm of the amount of grain, picks up after the smear on the face with your fingertips, slightly massage until absorbed. (With nano-energy liquid with better results)
1, the shelf life is not open closed two years; Once opened, the shelf life of 2-3 months.
2, the product is the essence of high purity, high unit, be sure to store at room temperature 20 ℃ shade or put in the refrigerator after opening the bottle in contact with air, in order to avoid product deterioration occurs

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