Licorice crystalline powder

Licorice Powder + Padouselison
Due to age or genetic factors decreased immune system function, along with foreign allergens lose their immunity, peripheral God constant state of tension, there is congestion and swelling, redness, or intractable, licorice crystalline powder can effectively calms the nervous system and enhance immunity, rapidly relieve allergy symptoms.
Covering 95% of nanotechnology rapid absorption of active ingredients, and the fragile and sensitive skin have a good comfort, stability, able to provide proper skin nutrients and moisture, regulating acid-base balance, increase the skin's immune system, away from sensitive skin, comfortable health. Skin sensitivity and is suitable for allergy, redness, skin.
After cleansing, pour the powder into the palm of the amount of grain, picks up after the smear on the face with your fingertips, slightly massage until absorbed. (With nano-energy liquid with better results)
1, the shelf life is not open closed two years; Once opened, the shelf life of 2-3 months.
2, the product is the essence of high purity, high unit, be sure to store the bottle in the open air at room temperature 20 ℃ touch shade or put in the refrigerator to avoid product deterioration occurs.
Effects: moisturizing, anti-sensitive, to redness, skin moisturizing

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