For no high blood pressure and heart disease only

About Produts:Natural Erection Formula for no high blood pressure and heart disease-Erect Rapidly (take effect within 30 minutes)
Plant Sources:Ramulus Uncariae Cum Uncis, Tribulus Terrestris.
Physical properties:Easily dissolve into water and alcohol,without bitterness, free of any special smell, light yellow powder.
Pharmacology:This product can selectively block presynaptic α2 receptor, promote norepinephrine(NE) released. It makes cavernous nerve endings release norepinephrine(NE), reduce the penis venous return, benefit for venous hyperemia erect. At small dosage,it can make the perineum swelling, promote sexual hyperthyroidism by stimulating spinal erectile central .It Can be used for functional impotence.
Function:Treat for various impotence and men sexual decrease. Take effect after 30 minites.
Dosage&Usage:40-80mg/time,lasting over 3 days
1.Overdose will lead to high blood pressure, dizziness, facial flushing, excited, dysuria, backache and allergic skin rashes, etc.
2.Women, children and kidney function seriously damage, peptic ulcer and heart disease or allergic to this product are prohibited.
3.To elderly patients. Especially with high blood pressure should be cautious to use or not use.
4.This product must not take together with Antihypertensive drugs

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