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Cortisol EIA Kit Advised Use

Cortisol EIA Kit is a aggressive immunoassay accurately advised and accurate for the quantitative altitude of salivary cortisol. It is not advised for analytic use. It is advised alone for analysis use in bodies and some animals. Salimetrics has not accurate this kit for serum or claret samples.
Cortisol EIA Kit is the above glucocorticoid produced in the adrenal cortex. Cortisol assembly has a circadian rhythm, with levels peaking in the aboriginal morning and bottomward to everyman ethics at night. Levels acceleration apart of circadian accent in acknowledgment to stress.
In blood, alone about 5-10% of cortisol is in its absolved or biologically alive form. The actual cortisol is apprenticed to serum proteins. Absolved serum Cortisol EIA Kit enters saliva via intracellular mechanisms; in saliva, the majority of cortisol charcoal absolved to protein.

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