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Lidocaine Injection May Help Treat Fibromyalgia, Study Suggests

Individuals with fibromyalgia complain of persistent pain throughout their entire body as well as an elevated sensitivity to pain. Doctors often have trouble managing this pain because it's unclear what causes this, the study authors mentioned.

In the new study, injecting lidocaine into peripheral tissues -- like the muscle groups within the shoulders or butt -- effectively reduced soreness sensitivity, the researchers identified.

"We hypothesized that in case pain comes from the peripheral tissues, and can take this pain away simply by injecting local anesthetics, then this would be roundabout evidence of the significance of peripheral tissues for the scientific pain of such individuals, inches study lead author Doctor. Roland Staud, a teacher of medicine on the University of Florida College regarding Medicine, said in a new university news release.

"Over-the-counter medications and [narcotic] prescriptions such because opiates aren't really effective for controlling chronic soreness conditions, " he additional. But with the new therapy, "we are in a position to make clear the pain of chronic patients better plus manage it better, inch Staud said. "We usually are making progress but that is going to take time. "

Typically the study involved 62 women with fibromyalgia. Each female received four injections: 2 in certain muscles in their shoulders and two more in their bottom. A number of the women received lidocaine injections, while a "control group" received saline injection therapy.

Prior to the injections had been given and 30 minutes afterwards, the women acquired mild pain stimulations delivered through mechanical means or perhaps through heat.

Compared to be able to "dummy" saline injections, typically the lidocaine drastically eased the women's sensitivity to soreness, in accordance with the study published just lately inside the European Journal of Pain.

The researchers noted, yet , that both lidocaine as well as the placebo resulted in a 38 pct reduction in pain at or perhaps nearby the point of injuries.

But chronic pain has an effect on the body differently compared to a particular injury, like a new broken leg, the research authors pointed out. Persistent pain, they explained, really alters nerve function along the spinal cord.

"The best way to take care of chronic soreness conditions is...  considering emotional, physical and tissue damage, " Eileen Robinson, director of the particular University of Florida Middle for Pain Research and Behavioral Health, said within a university news discharge. "We know there usually are core and peripheral plus social and behavioral pieces to someone saying, 'Ow, it hurts. '"

Tumor survivors who experience discomfort, for example, may connect it with their disease and fears about their particular prognosis -- whether or not it's been treated as well as in remission.

"That sensation could very well feel more painful than if they just thought that was a tweaked muscle, " Robinson explained.

2 authorities in fibromyalgia have been unsure concerning the significance regarding the findings, however.

"There was no substantial variation between the pain lowering in the placebo vs the treatment group -- this signifies which it will not matter what typically the injection system is, but typically the act of injection alone could possibly be the cause associated with pain reduction, " mentioned Dr . Waseem Mir, a new rheumatologist at Lenox Mountain Hospital in New York City.

"One are able to argue that the pain lowering was placebo, " he or she said. "To examine the placebo point, another provide within the experiment might need to be introduced wherever patients are not having injected but taking a placebo pill. "

Doctor. Houman Danesh is director of integrative pain supervision at Mount Sinai Clinic in New York Metropolis. He said that "fibromyalgia is a complex condition where patients are even more sensitive to pain. That is mainly diagnosed by a rheumatologist by coming in contact with 18 diagnostic pressure points, and if 11 associated with them are sensitive, then the diagnosis is manufactured, " he explained.

"This study offers insight because to any contributor in order to fibromyalgia along with a possible remedy, " Danesh said. "It is interesting to notice that the points which were used were acupuncture details, therefore suggesting acupuncture as a possible treatment to help patients with fibromyalgia. "

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