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What are effects of N-Palmitoyl Glycine?

N-Palmitoyl Glycine are a general class of endogenous fatty acid compounds characterized by a conjugated system consisting of an acyl group and nitrogen moiety. The compounds fall under the categorization of long-chain lipids in biochemical classifications, and share analogous functions with other similar compounds in the field of lipidomics.
Largely studied in context with lipid signaling, the class of compounds plays an important role in endocannabinoid systems affecting many neurophysiological process including cardiovascular function, memory, cognition, pain, motor control and others. Research models at first focused on N-Palmitoyl Glycine present in mammalian organisms, however recent advancements have demonstrated the importance of lipid signaling systems consisting of N-acyl amides in invertebrates, such as Drosophila melanogaster.
Current research efforts are striving to further identify the role and effects of N-Palmitoyl Glycine in many biochemical pathways involved in a variety of physiological and pathological processes.

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