Prostaglandin E Synthase-1 (microsomal) (human recombinant)

Product Description

Stability : 6 months
Formulation :
A solution in 50 mM sodium phosphate, pH 7.2, containing 100 mM sodium chloride and 20% glycerol
Description : 
Prostaglandin E synthases (PGESs) are enzymes that convert cyclooxygenase (COX)-derived PGH2 to PGE2. There are three different PGES enzymes with distinct enzymatic properties, modes of expression, cellular and subcellular localizations, and intracellular functions, two of which are membrane-bound enzymes and have been designated as mPGES-1 and mPGES-2. mPGES-1 is a perinuclear protein belonging to the membrane-associated proteins involved in eicosanoid and glutathione metabolism (MAPEG) superfamily. It requires glutathione as an essential cofactor for activity. mPGES-1 is up-regulated in response to various proinflammatory stimuli with a concomitant increased expression of COX-2 and is down-regulated by glucocorticoids. mPGES-1 gene knockout studies in mice have indicated a role for mPGES-1-generated PGE2 in female reproduction, inflammation, pain, fever, anorexia, atherosclerosis, stroke, and tumorigenesis. Therefore, mPGES-1 is a potential drug target for various diseases.
Purity : 16,000 x g supernatant
Storage : -80°C

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