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Product Details

Name Etamsylate
Alias Dicynene / Dicynone
CAS  No. 2624-44-4
Formula C10H17NO5S
Weight 263.310 g/mol
Usage Pharmaceuticals
Appearance White crystalline powder

Product Description

Etamsylate is easily soluble in water, soluble in ethanol, slightly soluble in acetone, insoluble in chloroform and ether. It is hygroscopic and easily deteriorates when exposed to light. Odorless, bitter. Phenolsulfonate can reduce capillary permeability, enhance platelet function and adhesion, promote platelet release of clotting active substances, shorten clotting time and stop bleeding. It is used to prevent bleeding before and after surgery and various vascular factors. Effective for brain, lung, liver, digestive tract, and urinary tract bleeding.

Etamsylate is a hemostatic agent, It is believed to work by increasing capillary endothelial resistance and promoting platelet adhesion. It also inhibits the biosynthesis and action of those prostaglandins which cause platelet disaggregation, vasodilation, and increased capillary permeability.



Etamsylate increases the number, aggregation, and adhesion of platelets and promotes the release of clotting actives from platelets. It can also accelerate blood clot contraction, shorten clotting time, and also enhance capillary resistance and reduce capillary permeability. For the prevention and treatment of bleeding before surgery.

Prophylaxis and control of haemorrhages from small blood vessels, neonatal intraventricular haemorrhage, capillary bleeding of different etiology, including: menorrhagia and metrorrhagia without organic pathology, after trans-urethral resection of the prostate, hematemesis, melena, hematuria, epistaxis; secondary bleeding due to thrombocytopenia or thrombocytopathia, hypocoagulation, prevention of periventricular hemorrhages in prematurely born children. It also promotes angioprotective and proaggregant action. The hemostatic action is due to activation of thromboplastin formation on damaged sites of small blood vessels and the decrease of PgI2 ( Prostacyclin I2) synthesis; Etamsylate stimulates thrombopoiesis and their release from bone marrow.it also facilitates platelet aggregation and adhesion, that at last induce decrease and stop of hemorrhage.

It also inhibits the effects of the prostaglandin mediated vasodilatation and increased capillary permeability, thereby reducing edema secondary to capillary leakage. By inhibiting the effects of prostaglandins, etamsylate may exert an effect by closing the patent ductus and thereby increasing cerebral blood flow.



Etamsylate is used to prevent bleeding before and after surgery and by blood and vascular factors, such as thrombocytopenic purpura, cerebral hemorrhage, gastrointestinal bleeding, urinary tract bleeding, fundus hemorrhage, gum bleeding, and nose bleeding.


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