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Chrysin derivative pharmacology

1. Anti-tumor

  • *Anti-tumor cell proliferation
  • *Inducing tumor cell apoptosis
  • *Reversal of multidrug resistance in tumor cells
  • *Anti-gene mutation

Antitumor effect of common chrysin derivatives and its mechanism of action

2. Radiotherapy sensitization
3. Hypoglycemic effect
4. Inhibition of aromatase activity
5. Free radical scavenging
6. Anti-inflammatory anti-bacterial and anti-virus
7. Antiplatelet antithrombotic

  • 1) Chrysin inhibits ADP, collagen, thrombin and U46619-induced platelet aggregation.
  • 2) Chrysin inhibits collagen-induced platelet activation and particle release.
  • 3) Chrysin inhibits the number of platelets adhering to the cured collagen and reduces the area of individual platelet expansion. Chrysin reduces the expansion of platelets on the immobilized fibrinogen.
  • 4) Western blot analysis showed that chrysin inhibited the phosphorylation of PLCY2 and decreased the activity of PKC. At the same time, chrysin inhibits Akt phosphorylation and ERK1/2 phosphorylation in the MAPK pathway. PI3K broad-spectrum inhibitor LY294002 combined with chrysin enhanced the inhibition of platelet aggregation.

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