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D-cycloserine: market situation

In 2005, the number of people killed by tuberculosis in the world reached 16 million in the same year, while the number of tuberculosis patients reached 9 million in the same period.

According to statistics from the Chinese Ministry of Health, two-thirds of new cases occur in China, India and Russia. China accounts for more than one-third of all tuberculosis cases in the world, and the number of people dying from the disease each year is as high as 130,000, making it the second-highest tuberculosis country after India.

Tuberculosis is one of the major diseases caused by poverty and returning to poverty in rural areas of China. According to the survey, the number of drug-resistant tuberculosis patients in China is large, with an initial drug resistance rate of 18.6% and a secondary drug resistance rate of 46%. Drug-resistant tuberculosis is difficult to treat, medical expenses are several times or even dozens of times for treating a newly diagnosed patient, and patients are easily converted to chronic infection sources, and long-term sterilization will infect more people.

However, there are currently no particularly effective drugs to treat. In short, according to the data reported in China and other countries in the world, based on the anti-tuberculosis first-line drugs to produce drug resistance, and this product is mainly used for drug-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection, speculation that this product market will be very large.

The synthetic process of the project is three steps, mainly by esterification, chlorination, and cyclization to obtain D- cycloserine. L-serine is used as the starting material, the yield is about 50%, and the price of L-serine is 400 yuan. kg.

The price of 250mg*14 tablets of other listed D-cycloserine capsules in other countries is 60.99 US dollars, equivalent to 457.5 yuan; the price of 250mg*28 tablets is 118.99 US dollars, equivalent to 892.5 yuan; each capsule is about 32 yuan. Investment operation This project has a broad profit margin and will bring over 100 million profits to investment and production enterprises.

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