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What is lactulose?Why study lactulose?

The particular lactulose is divided into solid and liquid kinds. The lactulose liquid is a colorless to dark yellow transparent liquid with low sweetness and low calorie and content of more than 50%.

The lactulose power is white crystal with a content of more than 97%, is easily soluble in water, has good warmth and acid resistance, high safety and convenient use. It is a new form of functional disaccharide and an oligosaccharide with special healthcare functions.

Lactulose is a prebiotic that has the function of proliferating bifidobacteria, bettering the intestinal tract environment and maintaining intestinal health.

Relationship between intestinal flora and health

The body health and The balance of intestinal flora





(beneficial bacteria,such as bifidobacteria and lactic acid bacteria)

(Such as Oligosaccharide and dietary fiber








Probiotics can antagonize pathogens in the body, produce beneficial substances, and enhance the body's immunity. Prebiotics, as a food for probiotics, can increase the amount of probiotics.


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