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Why study lactulose - the cause of maternal constipation

Excessive intake of high-nutrient foods, ignoring the intake of food such as fruits, vegetables 
and dietary fiber;
•Lack of exercise, intestinal peristalsis slows down, making stool stay in the body for a long time;
•The fetus gradually matures, the uterus continues to increase, oppressing the intestines, making the defecation power lacking;
•Changes in hormone secretion in the body, intestinal peristalsis weakened, and the body's demand for water increased;
•Pregnant women suffer from hemorrhoids, and they are afraid to defecate in time because of fear of pain;
•The postpartum pelvic floor tissue is loose, which makes the defecation strength weakened;
•Perineal and pelvic injuries caused by childbirth, through the nerve reflex, inhibit bowel movements.

  • Maternal constipation

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